Is Your Attic a Mess After an Infestation?

Is Your Attic a Mess After an Infestation?

Ask about our attic clean-out services in Spanaway & Parkland, WA

After you've had wildlife set up camp in your home or business building, you could be looking at some serious damage. That's why US Wildlife Removal provides wildlife damage repair services in Spanaway, Parkland, WA and the surrounding area.

Do you need an attic clean-out? Does your basement have a lingering foul odor? Whatever the case may be, we've got you covered. Call 253-279-2757 right now to learn more about our repair and exclusion work.

What should a wildlife company be doing for you?

We pride ourselves on offering superior wildlife removal services. Whether it's an attic clean-out or exclusion work, we make sure our clients are satisfied with our services. That's why you can count on us to:

  • Remove and relocate wildlife from your property
  • Take care of property cleanup work
  • Handle repairs and restoration work
  • Remove any dead animals from your property
  • Prevent re-entry by using good preventive measures
  • Use cruelty-free methods

US Wildlife Removal is based in Spanaway, WA and serves the Washington Coast from Vancouver to Blaine and the surrounding areas. We also offer a two-year warranty on wildlife damage repair work and a lifetime warranty for bird repairs (excluding woodpeckers). Contact us today to set up an appointment.